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Why Gila Travels?

Have you ever experienced real adventure? Try trekking in wild jungles, seeing elephants and orangutans in their natural habitat, climbing an active volcano, surfing and hunting together with a shaman of a primitive tribe. Say “no” to boring excursions and endless museums and “yes” to really cool and unique locations! Our exclusive trips are waiting for you!

Wild Indonesia


Upcoming trips: September 20 - October 2, 2020

During this tour you will feel the soul of Indonesia: experience life in the primitive tribe, meet the dawn at the top of the active volcano, go in search of wild monkeys in the middle of jungles, raft down the mountain river and learn to catch a wave while standing on a surf. Let us help you to fall in love with Indonesia!

Shocking Indonesia


Upcoming trips: October 10 - October 21, 2020

Are you ready to be introduced to the wildest ceremonies in the world? Be ready to witness one of the craziest traditions and habits in Indonesia - Toraja region in Central Sulawesi. Get packed for the incredible adventure of culture, local habits, trekking and truly local experience. Don’t forget to take you swimwear with you, because after cultural immersion the most turquoise water, diving and snorkeling is waiting for you!

Group Tours

Would you like to travel together with your friends, not sharing the tour leader with people you don’t know? Or maybe you wish to order a tour as a teambuilding activity for your company? Or dreaming to have a private adventure with your big family? That’s what our group tours are for.

Individual Tours

Want to travel alone, but don’t know how? Or not sure how to plan your honeymoon? Let us help you to manage a trip of a lifetime! Our professional guides will make tailor-made itinerary taking into consideration your own interests combining the best of what Indonesia can offer.

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    star rating  I recently came back from the GilaTravels Wild Indonesia tour. I waited a few weeks to collect my thoughts before writing this review. If you are looking for... read more

    Jing L
    September 14, 2019

    star rating  Очень благодарна Анастасии и Елене за составление великолепного плана путешествия по острову Бали! В столь волнительный период было приятно, что этот вопрос не нужно было продумывать самостоятельно. Было немного страшно, что что-то может не понравиться или в чем-то разочаруемся, но девочки учли все наши с...Еще

    November 11, 2019

    star rating  Могу с уверенностью всем рекомендовать Gilatravels, если вы действительно хотите отдохнуть и насладиться поездкой. Организованно и логично спланировано, насыщенно, персонализировано и душевно - это далеко не полный список всех преимуществ туров этой команды! участвовала в туре « Дикая Индонезия» в августе и количество положительных эмоций...Еще

    Yana C
    November 11, 2019

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Here we share all our knowledge, experience and interesting facts about Indonesia in general and our trips in particular. Don’t know what to take with you to the journey? What to expect from living in tribes? Wish to check out how our recent adventures went or just want to know more about Indonesia and it’s culture? Check out our blog!

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