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Why Us

Have you ever experienced real adventure? Try trekking in wild jungles, seeing elephants and orangutans in their natural habitat, climbing an active volcano, surfing and hunting together with a shaman of a primitive tribe. Say “no” to boring excursions and endless museums and “yes” to really cool and unique locations! Our exclusive trips call you to adventure. Join us for a small group tour (up to 10 people) and experience things like you never have before. Discover the beauty and wonder of a genuine Indonesia that we will show you! Sign up, pack your backpack and let’s go!

Unique route

With us you will discover a real, wild Indonesia. You will see with your own eyes things that before you could only see on the Discovery channel and you will visit the best, non-tourist places, which no one else would show you!

Unforgettable impressions

We are not a travel agency and our tour is not just a trip. We are the people who have lived in Indonesia and experienced the best of it the fullest. The journey we offer is a combination of intense emotions and incomparable experience that you will remember for a long time. Give yourself a real adventure!

Best price

We’ve thought through all the details and we made it possible to include everything needed into our offer – from transfers and accommodation to snacks in the jungle and picnics by the river – we know this country and can offer the best value!

Our values

Eco experience

We strive to work in harmony through sustainable tourism supporting conservation areas, eco hotels and wildlife reservations.

Travelers interests

We are not a travel agency and every our tour is not just a trip. We are the people who have lived in Indonesia and experienced the best of it the fullest. We know how to make your personal tour unique and unforgettable according to your preferences.

Responsible travel

Our aim is to support local tourism, enhance the well-being of host communities, and minimize footprints.

Who we are


Hello! I’m Elena. The number of countries I have visited already exceeds my age. Over the past few years I have learned to pack anything – from swimsuit to ski suit – into my small backpack with fits with the hand luggage. It may sound trivial but I really love to travel. It began with the usual bus tours around Europe and travel agency packages to Egypt. Suddenly, I began to travel more and more – student exchanges and international festivals, the USA and Sri Lanka, alone or with company, on weekends or over two weeks (having to change five flights). I began to find any opportunity to travel even in the absence of time, money, or vacation time. As travel became more frequent, I realized my skills at organizing great routes at the best prices for an increasing group of friends got better and better…and then Indonesia happened. The most exciting, extraordinary, saturated with unreal emotions journey of my life so far. From developed megacities to domesticated monkeys in Bali to wild pigs in the rainforest – this country managed to surprise me. I’m sure it will surprise you too. Let’s go together with Gila travels!


Hi! My name is Anastasia. While I have lived in Indonesia, I have conquered volcanos, scaled mountains to look from precipices into the abyss, and trekked across rocky shores to jump into the ocean. I have lived in tiny villages with no electricity, in forests and jungles with wild tribes, and in bustling cities. I hunted, fished, washed elephants in the river, and searched for wild orangutans and Komodo lizards. I have surfed, snorkeled, dived with sharks and manta rays. I sampled local delicacies like larvae, scorpions, and cockroaches. I have visited more than 100 beaches, from pink to black, dozens of waterfalls, caves, and canyons. I was in temples, mosques, and churches to meditate and commune with ancient spirits, including a 10 day reclusion. I have seen the natural wonders of the world from the blue volcanic flame to endangered animal species. I went to university here, worked and volunteered, learned the local language and customs. From bottom to top, from uninhabited islands to overpopulated megacities, from tribes to intelligentsia, from one nationality to another – believe me, I have something to show you. Are you ready to experience the real Indonesia with Gila travels?

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