SHOCKING Indonesia

October 10 - October 21, 2020 Number of days: 11

Hike, explore and relax!

Are you ready to be introduced to the wildest ceremonies in the world? Be ready to witness one of the craziest traditions and habits in Indonesia - Toraja region in Central Sulawesi. Get packed for the incredible adventure of culture, local habits, trekking and truly local experience. Don’t forget to take you swimwear with you, because after cultural immersion the most turquoise water, diving and snorkeling is waiting for you!

Trip Itinerary

Day 1-2

It is amazing how in just one day you can get to a completely different world, where routine ways of thinking do not work anymore, where, at times, globalization seems to have not reached to these people, where people still follow their ancient traditions – those that are passed on from generation to generation. Welcome to Toraja, Central Sulawesi Island, Indonesia! The adventure begins!

Day 3-4

We are going to immerse into the region’s spectacular traditions and unusual ceremonies, learn about locals’ attitude to life and death (and those, believe us, are very non-standard). Family crypts, creepy burials, caves and much more are waiting for us. All of that can’t easily fit into the head of a Westerner. So get ready to not only feel like you are in a horror film, but also to become its inalienable part!

Day 5-6

In just a few days we already managed to learn how the locals live and what they believe in, so now it's time to hit the road to feel the local way of life! We are going for trekking in the mountains, ready to enjoy the beauty of the nature of Toraja and stay overnight in one of the local villages where one of the families will shelter us. Nothing can demonstrate a real local’s life than sharing the roof with them, right?

Day 7-8

Now we can rightfully call ourselves Toraja experts, it is difficult to imagine a deeper dive. Time to relax from the bustle of local life and enjoy the southern part of the city. We are waiting for a transfer to one of the most secret and unusually beautiful beaches of Bira, where we will go snorkeling, diving and enjoying all the charms of the beachside life.

Day 9-11

What could be more beautiful than an amazing landscape from an eco-bungalow that directly faces the ocean? Blue water, white sand and sunsets of all shades of red. Yoga on the roof? Easy! A one-day tour on a quiet uninhabited island with turtles? Sure! Snorkeling and diving, delicious food and endless chill. You definitely deserve it!

Day 11-12

Are you ready to go home? We know that you aren’t, but it’s time to go back. Tanned and full of new experiences and emotions, we are heading home. See you soon in our new adventures!

What's Included

Accommodation in Lodges/Hotels

Ecolodges/hotels/guesthouses on the way


Except your tour guide Anastasiia we will also have local guides

Full-board on trekking in Toraja

3 times a day meals during trekking in Toraja


All internal transfers


One-time diving is already included for you


What's not Included

International flights

Flights to/from Indonesia are not included

Medical insurance

We highly recommend you to have a tourist medical insurance handy

Personal expenses

Take some additional money for dinners and souvenirs

Contact us

Please, let us know how we can contact you to provide you with all the details about our tours

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